A Reblog… The day that Buck’s Fizz tasted better than Champagne…

This week one of my core beliefs about leadership has been challenged in a way I never imagined possible.  To paraphrase Carl Jung: “We do not have to be a product of our genes or our experiences. …

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Headteachers Launch Their Own Green Paper #HTRTAGP

Reblogging this as it needs so much coverage. Well worth a read…


Concerns that recent Government papers on education fail to address key issues facing schools has led to a group of Headteachers producing their own policy paper.  The Alternative Green Paper, Scho…

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A-Z of NQT induction

A useful insight into supporting NQTs…many thanks for this Lisa

Over the Rainbow - Lisa Pettifer

This September, our NQTs are arriving full of trepidation, yes, but also full of up-to-date subject knowledge, recent experience of other settings and a new, but possibly fragile, commitment to teaching— let’s make sure our school provision and induction arrangements value these new starters and their qualities.

Time and again we hear of widely varying NQT experiences, from those who have joined departments or schools with active and effective support protocols and CPD practices, to those who have been treated neglectfully by the people or systems around them. What can we do to make sure we don’t throw away all the potential NQTs offer?

The A – Z of NQT induction

A address issues as they arise – a little guidance and advice, offered regularly from the sidelines, is more likely to be accepted as a normal and constructive part of the relationship between NQT and team leader, than a…

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​Rosie and the Haunted Boy – by Alice Harding.

​Alice is my 8 year old daughter. She has been writing stories, poems and songs since she could put the letters in the right order.  She has asked me to pass this one to the world…enjoy.
There once lived a young, imaginative Girl called Layla who was on a luxurious holiday in the north of France. Layla’s mind was good at wandering off and she would have the most amazing dreams. One night her dad told her a story and this is how the story began…
9’o’clock on a blustery Wednesday night a young girl named Rosie was lying wide awake. She had tried to sleep.  She really had. But sleep wouldn’t come.  It was impossible. Rosie was bored so she went to explore in the pitch blackness outside.

She ambled down a long twirling path humming a nice, relaxing, classic song until…

She came to a creepy castle she didn’t know what to do. She decided to go and explore. Suddenly she came to a boy who had scratches, cuts and bruises. Rosie said “who are you?”

“Oo me? Tom, come with me.” The poor boy said. They were almost there when Tom said “close your eyes and hold my hand” in a deep, low voice. 
 A moment later Rosie found herself tied to a tree. “Arr you didn’t know did you?”

“You obnoxious little boy!” Rosie said in a roaring voice. The sky went black and fire shot around the tree, Rosie screamed then she looked around. All she could see was burning fire. 
Then Layla said “what happens next?” 

“Let’s find out” her dad said. They turned the page and a giant water man appeared from the sky. 

The man clapped his hand 3 times and water was thrown out of the sky. It washed the burning fire away and because the storm was so bad Tom drowned. Rosie squealed. “It’s ok now get onto my back and I will take you home” the man said. Rosie climbed onto his back, and with a click of his finger and they were off. They nether heard of Tom and the castle ever again. Rosie lived happily ever after.      

“Did you enjoy that Layla?”

“I certainly did dad. Dad is there a Rosie and the haunted boy 2?”

“Yes but that is for another time now it is past your bed time.” Layla was tucked up in bed fast asleep by the time he had turned the lights out and left the room. 

                                                      The end

A simple faith

Everything has become too complicated. It’s making me and my close friends angry, anxious and worried. The referendum is no longer a simple hokey cokey of are we in or are we out? Somehow it has morphed into a monster about how much we value freedom of speech, tolerance and the political lurch to the Right.

I am a Methodist local preacher. Today I led our morning worship. Today I thought I was going to struggle to bring any positive message but the message was given to me. If we claim to be Christians then our whole outlook should be focused on the wider spiritual faith, regardless of denomination. Now, that is a huge complex issue isn’t it? How many beliefs teach tolerance? How many people criticise if the Bible is taken out of context?  It gets complicated.  My readings were from 1 Kings – Elijah under the tree and Paul’s letter to the Galations.  Elijah is stressed, he’s at his end.  He prays for God to allow him to die.  What happens? He doesn’t die. God treats his anxiety. An angel comes with food. A classic technique in grounding to support the anxious.

Paul writes to the church in Galatia.  Now, we talk about taking things out of context.  The fledgling church that Paul set up was being told that in order to be a true Chritian they would have to undergo additional tests of faith.  In the same way now we think we have the best cheap air deal or phone bundle then get told we need additional bolt-ons in order to use it properly.  In short, a con.

But is the idea of the Christian faith a con? Can it stand side by side of other faith groups to condemn inhumanity?

In my opinion, like Elijah and Paul; the more simple your faith the easier it is to attempt to live in it.  I believe in God the father, son and the essence of his spirit called in some walks the Holy Spirit, whose very presence is a guide.

There are too many complex arguments, people of all walks are feeling vulnerable, scared or defiant and angry.  We may need to stop, take a step back and re-group, showing our true love, our strength in diversity and our belief that if small factions try to make everything too complicated than we will simply become victims of our own confusion and inability to reconcile our differences.  And in the confusion we allow ourselves to be sidestepped.