Decluttering fear

I have an office! Well, an office for the person in charge of cohorts.  If I didn’t do the role I suppose my office would be passed to someone else.

I need to fill my office with all the ‘stuff’ I need to get on with the job. My folders go in first. Then I my display…EAL, SEND…you get the idea. Then I stand back. What else do I need? A plant? The pc winks at me as I lean on the empty filing cabinet. What do I need in there?

I have a classroom, an intervention room, a room that will become the library when I sort all the books out. Last year I did Drama in the hall…I knew how to empire build. I spread out over the entire west wing of the 1st floor.

But now a small office space defeats me. I’ve been used to so much space. I mentioned to a much younger colleague that I have resources in folders that I have collected over the 23 years I’ve been teaching. I believe some of the booklets are older than my colleague! I have now faced the fact that some of these need to be chucked out. With OFSTED on the way I need to present an orderly front. It’s like when visitors are at the gate and your mum tells you to run upstairs with the ironing that was draped on the sofa…

So, a new office decluttering opportunity.

But I’m still scared that I’m going to throw stuff that is part of my teaching identity.  Just like when I had to convert the 3 1/2 inch floppy disks or transfer the acetates I’d carefully written about Macbeth in 1998.

At least I can keep the plant. 



Happy New year. I’m getting ready for my first parkrun of the year, with my marathon training a little slower because of illness.

So many things happened last year; positive and negative. Many of my friends are looking to this year hoping it will be better. One friend has given great advice that I would like to share:

‘If you don’t hear good news, make good news.’

This will be my goal, this year probably can’t take care of itself so it’s up to us to make that good news for ourselves and each other.

Happy New Year everyone.

Headteachers Launch Their Own Green Paper #HTRTAGP

Reblogging this as it needs so much coverage. Well worth a read…


Concerns that recent Government papers on education fail to address key issues facing schools has led to a group of Headteachers producing their own policy paper.  The Alternative Green Paper, Scho…

Source: Headteachers Launch Their Own Green Paper #HTRTAGP

A-Z of NQT induction

A useful insight into supporting NQTs…many thanks for this Lisa

Over the Rainbow - Lisa Pettifer

This September, our NQTs are arriving full of trepidation, yes, but also full of up-to-date subject knowledge, recent experience of other settings and a new, but possibly fragile, commitment to teaching— let’s make sure our school provision and induction arrangements value these new starters and their qualities.

Time and again we hear of widely varying NQT experiences, from those who have joined departments or schools with active and effective support protocols and CPD practices, to those who have been treated neglectfully by the people or systems around them. What can we do to make sure we don’t throw away all the potential NQTs offer?

The A – Z of NQT induction

A address issues as they arise – a little guidance and advice, offered regularly from the sidelines, is more likely to be accepted as a normal and constructive part of the relationship between NQT and team leader, than a…

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