Reading for a livingĀ 

It’s exam time. I’m marking. I enjoy the students’ responses so, although I’m reading for a living, I am enjoying much of what I see.

I’ve also been contemplating the ‘new’ texts for the English specification. I’d be interested to discuss the ones people are turning to when ‘Of Mice and Men’ is no longer an option (let’s see how long that lasts and how many schools will turn it into a year 9 text!). I gather the gothic classics are flavour of the month; almost as if someone somewhere looked at their 1950s reading shelf and wrote down the dusty books that were festering there ready for a 21st Century revival!

I’m interested by the re emergence of Animal Farm, the play of Curious Incident and the novel ‘Never let me go’.

Short and sweet, but let me know which texts you are turning to…could be an interesting discussion.

Normal service resumes after 9th July. Happy marking.