​Rosie and the Haunted Boy – by Alice Harding.

​Alice is my 8 year old daughter. She has been writing stories, poems and songs since she could put the letters in the right order.  She has asked me to pass this one to the world…enjoy.
There once lived a young, imaginative Girl called Layla who was on a luxurious holiday in the north of France. Layla’s mind was good at wandering off and she would have the most amazing dreams. One night her dad told her a story and this is how the story began…
9’o’clock on a blustery Wednesday night a young girl named Rosie was lying wide awake. She had tried to sleep.  She really had. But sleep wouldn’t come.  It was impossible. Rosie was bored so she went to explore in the pitch blackness outside.

She ambled down a long twirling path humming a nice, relaxing, classic song until…

She came to a creepy castle she didn’t know what to do. She decided to go and explore. Suddenly she came to a boy who had scratches, cuts and bruises. Rosie said “who are you?”

“Oo me? Tom, come with me.” The poor boy said. They were almost there when Tom said “close your eyes and hold my hand” in a deep, low voice. 
 A moment later Rosie found herself tied to a tree. “Arr you didn’t know did you?”

“You obnoxious little boy!” Rosie said in a roaring voice. The sky went black and fire shot around the tree, Rosie screamed then she looked around. All she could see was burning fire. 
Then Layla said “what happens next?” 

“Let’s find out” her dad said. They turned the page and a giant water man appeared from the sky. 

The man clapped his hand 3 times and water was thrown out of the sky. It washed the burning fire away and because the storm was so bad Tom drowned. Rosie squealed. “It’s ok now get onto my back and I will take you home” the man said. Rosie climbed onto his back, and with a click of his finger and they were off. They nether heard of Tom and the castle ever again. Rosie lived happily ever after.      

“Did you enjoy that Layla?”

“I certainly did dad. Dad is there a Rosie and the haunted boy 2?”

“Yes but that is for another time now it is past your bed time.” Layla was tucked up in bed fast asleep by the time he had turned the lights out and left the room. 

                                                      The end