Jantastic rules 2015… From their website

I’ve signed up for this, God knows why…I feel the need to challenge myself more than I already am. If I can do it, I truly believe anyone can. More to follow…

Jantastic rules 2015

Get motivated with Jantastic. The new year fitness challenge that will get you started and keep you going.

Your challenge: better health, fitness and performance takes time. jantastic is all about commitment, consistency, accountability and motivation.

Jantastic is open to all abilities and aspirations. Whether you are a first time exerciser looking to get started with a physical activity campaign or a regular athlete aiming for your next personal best Jantastic will work for you.

You set your own personal activity targets and strive to stick to them. It’s that simple.

Jantastic takes place during January, February and March. Each month is split into a four-week period. During each four-week period you’ll set yourself personal activity goals.

As Jantastic progresses through January, February and March so does the level of your challenge.

You goal is to finish the challenge with a Jantastic score of 100! This means you’ll have met every target you set yourself and can brag about it for the rest of the year. As well as celebrate a fitter, healthier, faster you!

You can participate in Jantastic by running, cycling or swimming, or any combination of these. Each time you complete a workout you log it on your Jantastic.me profile page to claim your workout and contribute to your Jantastic score.

What to do.

First four weeks – Monday January the 5th to Sunday February the 1st.
Getting going. The first four weeks focus on frequency and consistency.
Set yourself a target number of workouts to complete each week throughout January. For example, 1 swim, 1 run and 1 bike each week.

Second four weeks – Monday February the 2nd to Sunday March the 1st.
Upping your game. The second four weeks focus on frequency, consistency and distance. Set a target for the number of workouts you’ll do each week throughout February and a target for the single longest workout distance each week. For example, one swim, two runs each week and a single longest weekly run of six miles.

Third four weeks – Monday March the 2nd to Sunday March the 29th.
One final push. The final four weeks focus on frequency, consistency, distance and performance.
Set a personal target for the number of workouts you’ll do each week, the distance of each week’s longest workout and also set a target time for a single workout over a set distance. Your target time can be an organised race or event, a time trial, or solo effort of your choice. For example, one swim, two runs and one bike each week, a single longest weekly run of eight miles and a target time for running 10k of fifty minutes.

Setting your targets.

Jantastic is about personal challenge, ambition, health and lifestyle improvement and most of all achievement.
Your personal goal should be ambitious for you, challenging, yet at the same time realistic. Set yourself targets that will be a stretch but that will make you feel mighty pleased and proud when you attain them. Targets are set on your Jantastic profile page.

First four weeks (January) – You must log your target number of workouts before midnight (GMT) on Sunday the 4th of January 2015. You can change your target number of runs at any time up until this point.

Second four weeks (February) – You must log your target number of weekly workouts and your longest weekly activity distance targets before midnight (GMT) on Sunday the 1st of February 2015. You can set your February targets throughout the last two weeks of January.

Third four week (March) – You must set your targets for number of workouts and longest weekly workout before midnight (GMT) on Sunday the 1st of March. You can add and change your target timed effort workout at any time until midnight the day before your timed workout is scheduled to take place.

The minimum.

The minimum number of activity workouts you need to commit to participate in jantastic is two per week. Why two? Any less than this and you are not making a real commitment to your health, fitness or performance. We want you to complete Jantastic proud of yourself, feeling amazing and ready to continue a commitment to regular exercise, exercise more often, or smash your personal best.

You can register a maximum of 14 workouts per week. A workout can be a single run, ride or swim completed at any level that you choose to participate.

What constitutes a workout?

It’s really up to you but we think that as a minimum guide to claim your Jantastic workout then the following simple rules apply:

A Jantastic workout is at least 30 minutes engaged in your chosen activity.

Running = 30 minutes of running or jog/walking.
You can run anywhere, in the gym, in the park, on the treadmill, on the trails or roads.

Swimming = 30 minutes from entry into water until exit from the water.
You can swim in a pool at a leisure centre or gym, the sea, a river or lake. If it’s wet and you can swim in it, it’s a swim!

Cycling = 30 minutes with your feet turning a set of pedals.
You can ride a spin bike, a stationary bike, or outside on the roads or paths.

If you connect your Jantastic account with Strava then you’ll be able to automatically claim your workouts and track your distances and routes, as well as lots more exciting things.

Ultimately, this is an honesty-based challenge. The real competition is with yourself. If you think it really doesn’t constitute a workout, then it probably doesn’t. Be honest with yourself.

Logging your workouts.

Your Jantastic score starts at zero on Monday January the 5th and increases with every target workout logged.

Workouts are logged via your ‘My Jantastic’ profile page and you can only log your workouts after you’ve completed them. Workouts can be logged cumulatively / daily as you do them or collectively together at the end of each week and before the cut off (0800 Tuesday of the following week).

The ‘cut off’ – jantastic weeks run from Monday to Sunday and all workouts for the previous week must be logged by 08:00 (GMT) on Tuesday of the following week. No extensions or exceptions under any circumstances so don’t forget! Remembering to log your runs by the cut off is all part of your commitment to jantastic and the challenge to yourself.

Week one of Jantastic runs from Monday the 5th of January to Sunday the 11th of January 2015. You will be able to log runs that you complete in that week any time from Monday the 5th of January through to 08:00 (GMT) Tuesday the 13th of January. Any runs you complete prior to Monday the 5th won’t count for week one (but are good practice!).

Solo or part of a team?

You can participate in Jantastic as an individual, you can join an existing team or you can create your own team. Creating your own team is a great way to motivate your friends to join you, get fitter, healthier and have some fun!

Teams are categorised by the number of participants, small (6-10), medium (11-20) or large (21+).

You can only be a member of one Jantastic team. You are allowed to leave and join a different team until the challenge starts. Once the challenge has started you may leave a team where numbers in your team are not sufficient to make up a small team (six members).


To help you with motivation you can select ‘rivals’. A rival can be someone you know or someone you don’t, on the same team or a different team. They could be people doing the same number of workouts as you, people in your club, friends, strangers, people your age group or those in your town. Your ‘My jantastic’ profile will allow you to select rivals and see updates on your rivals’ progress. When someone ‘rivals’ you, you’ll get sent a notification offering you the opportunity to rival them back.

Playing a joker.

Although Jantastic is about keeping you motivated, keeping you on track with your fitness goals sometimes you need to listen to your body and not do your planned workout.

Playing your ‘joker’ enables you to claim 50% of your weekly workouts without actually doing them! This is ideal when you’re feeling under the weather, miss your workout, or unexpectedly can’t or failed to fit it in.

Terms of a joker:
1. You have two jokers that you can play across the jantastic challenge2. You can only play 1 joker in any challenge month3. A joker can also be used to change disciplines. For example, you’ve picked up a little niggle and want to log two of your target four workouts as swims instead of runs in a given week.


Jantastic is not about pushing on regardless but about learning to listen to your body. If you are ill or injured and running isn’t a good idea then play a joker to maintain your 100%. Do not simply get your head down and crack on if you’re in pain or feeling under the weather. Listen to your body and take rest.

My Jantastic profile.

This is your Jantastic dashboard and it’s the place to go for all your interaction, updates, results, rewards and to log your workouts.

As you progress through Jantastic we’ll send you regular updates to keep your spirits up, you’ll be able to collect ‘challenge badges’ along the way and see how you’re progressing towards your overall Jantastic score and reaching your aspiration.

Prizes – This is an honesty based challenge and so, as such, there are no performance-based prizes for winning.

Everyone who ‘completes’ each month of the challenge will be automatically entered into a random prize draw to win fantastic prizes.

‘Completion’ is defined as the submission of at least one workout for at least two of the four weeks of each month.

The overall challenge prize is open to anyone who completes all three months (12 weeks) of the challenge. Everyone who complete the full challenge will be automatically entered into a random overall prize draw.

Your Jantastic score.

For each week of the challenge you get a ‘Jantastic score’ shown as a percentage (%) of success. If you complete all of your targeted workouts (and log them) you’ll score 100% for that week. Your goal is maintain the highest Jantastic score you can throughout the challenge campaign.

To achieve 100% overall in jantastic you would need to log every single workout you set yourself, reach the distance of every single longest workout target and reach or exceed your target timed workout time to within one second! You’ll lose points if you drop workouts, do less distance or fail to hit your distance target time. (You don’t get any more points if you do more workouts, log greater distances or go faster that you thought you would).

Remember, although Jantastic is about motivation, commitment and consistency it’s also about the process of change and improvement. It’s up to you to keep your honest head and acknowledge the importance of the process.

How team scores are worked out.

For team scoring the average percentage of the highest scoring three quarters of team members is taken, i.e. if you have 20 members then we take the average score of the best performing 15 for that month. That way if you have one or two people in a team who drop out early or keep forgetting to log their workouts then it won’t affect your team’s score. In order to receive a team score you will need the number of scoring individuals to be at least equal to the number of runners required to satisfy that team size.

Please do remember that the success of a team depends on how well that team works together and a huge component of achieving a high team score is working together to motivate each other and perhaps even sending round reminders on a Monday morning to get those workouts logged.


Above everything else this is about having fun so do your best to be your best whilst remembering to enjoy the Jantastic journey.


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