Being good enough…even at Christmas.

Thank the stars the holidays are here! But now I have time to stop and look around my house, I realise that my other job has been neglected. I have 3 days to make my house fit for Christmas. What should I do, break my neck and, with even less energy, attempt to bully my household into action?

I read a phrase on another blog about being ‘good enough’. I am planning a good enough Christmas. I will make sure that my house is clean and fairly tidy, but I’m not going to clutter it with 153 decorations, which I will have to sort out in a fortnight’s time. My husband and girls did the tree, this year a real one, and it was great to see when I returned home the other evening.

My husband and I have been wrapping gifts for a while, little and often, fitting it in when we chilled at the end of a busy few weeks. I realised that to have a good enough Christmas you still have to plan. I haven’t done so well with Christmas cards, but I will do festive emails and keep in touch that way! I have friends who don’t even display cards any more!

We will have casseroles and roasts and of course the cheese board with ham. I love Christmas cooking, but I’m useless at it. I cook proper food and according to my husband, I am great with leftovers! So I will be in charge on Boxing Day!

We are going to have a chilled out two weeks. The rigours of school are more and more demanding for me and my girls and by contrast home life is becoming more and more relaxed, something has to give and fortunately the teamwork at home means we can get it all together and have a good enough Christmas without stress. Happy Holidays.



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