Every day’s a school day

I am now crawling back from the abyss which is called ‘having a reaction to my flu vaccination’. I don’t know if you have ever considered having one, but my friendly neighbourhood doctors sent me a text message (I didn’t know they had my number) saying I was eligible for a vaccination. Not quite the same as winning the lottery or getting one of those time share hotel breaks. But still I thought someone wanted the best for me.

I had spent the summer holidays recovering from mild pneumonia and seemed determined not to have the same problems at Christmas, so I gave the doctors a call and booked my time with the nurse. All seemed well and good. The day approached; the only awkward element was having both my girls with me while I had to have the injection. My daughters are a curious 8 and an inquisitive 6. They asked me non stop questions about why I was having the injection; what it did, where it was going to go and when they saw it, the comments on how long the needle was and how much vaccination fluid was going in. It really didn’t help. You can imagine me trying to sit still, answer questions and pretend nothing much was happening while the nurse carried out her duty. I can now reveal that it really hurt! I’m not a wuss, that why I have two daughters, if I had a problem with pain I would have stuck at one. But it took a week to settle my left arm and then I had the side effects of mild flu!

I have decided to run the risk next year, especially as they seem to be herd controlling flu by giving the year 7s something they sniff up their nose. Fewer students slowly dying in the corner of my room has to be a good thing. But for now, I think my vaccination days have come to a halt. I’ll go back for one when I retire and can spend all day recovering and not pretending to kids that I’m fine!


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I have been teaching English for 20 years. HOD. T and L. Runner.

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