Running like the wind. Running wild? Running free. Today I taught my daughter of running to change your mood. She’s going through a tough time at school. Everyone does from time to time. She is clever and sensitive and the two qualities mean that she constantly thinks that other people do everything for a reason…rather than just doing stuff without thinking. So today she came home with her usual recount and I decided, with my youngest at rainbows, that we had an hour to spare. I told my husband my plan and suggested the run to my daughter. I have never seen her get changed to quickly.

We went to a local park, we ran round for about 10 mins and the she asked to play on the swings. We had a stop, had a chat and played…together in the dark. It reminded me of playing out late when I was small and getting told off when we tried to say that the street lights had only just come on so we weren’t that late home!

After chatting and playing we decided to run back reverse route…I didn’t realise until my daughter said, that she was scared in the dark and was starting to jump at shadows. It was a real experience for her and clearly swept away the cobwebs. When she returned she was in the mood to write her diary, and her first night run was a large feature, bigger than the upset she had had. I know that if I’m going to keep helping her to feel balanced I’m either going to have to get fitter quickly or enrols her in a triathlon for juniors!


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I have been teaching English for 20 years. HOD. T and L. Runner.

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